§ 1613.8.3. Definitions.  

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  • For the purposes of this Section certain terms are defined as follows:

    BASE LEVEL DIAPHRAGM is the floor at, or closest to, the top of the highest level of the foundation.

    DIAPHRAGM ANCHORS are assemblies that connect a diaphragm to the adjacent foundation at the uphill diaphragm edge.

    DOWNHILL DIRECTION is the descending direction of the slope approximately perpendicular to the slope contours.

    FOUNDATION is concrete or masonry which supports a building, including footings, stem walls, retaining walls, and grade beams.

    FOUNDATION EXTENDING IN THE DOWNHILL DIRECTION is a foundation running downhill and approximately perpendicular to the uphill foundation.

    HILLSIDE BUILDING is any building or portion thereof constructed on or into a slope steeper than one unit vertical in three units horizontal (33.3 percent). If only a portion of the building is supported on or into the slope, these regulations apply to the entire building.

    PRIMARY ANCHORS are diaphragm anchors designed for and providing a direct connection as described in Sections 1613.8.5 and 1613.8.7.3 between the diaphragm and the uphill foundation.

    SECONDARY ANCHORS are diaphragm anchors designed for and providing a redundant diaphragm to foundation connection, as described in Sections 1613.8.6 and 1613.8.7.4.

    UPHILL DIAPHRAGM EDGE is the edge of the diaphragm adjacent and closest to the highest ground level at the perimeter of the diaphragm.

    UPHILL FOUNDATION is the foundation parallel and closest to the uphill diaphragm edge.

    (Ord. 2016-0053 § 23, 2016.)

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