Title 26. Building Code  

Chapter 1. Administration
Chapter 7A [Sfm] - Materials And Construction Methods For Exterior Wildfire Exposure
§ 701A. Scope, Purpose And Application
§ 702A. Definitions
§ 703A. Standards Of Quality
§ 704A. Materials, Systems And Methods Of Construction
§ 705A. Roofing
§ 706A. Vents
§ 710A. Accessory Structures
Chapter 10. Means Of Egress
Chapter 12. Interior Environment
Chapter 14. Exterior Walls
Chapter 15. Roof Assemblies And Rooftop Structures
Chapter 16. Structural Design
Chapter 17. Structural Tests And Special Inspections
Chapter 18. Soils And Foundations
Chapter 19. Concrete
Chapter 22. Steel
Chapter 23. Wood
Chapter 34. Existing Structures
Chapter 65. Signs
Chapter 66. Special Safety Provisions
Chapter 67. Security Provisions
Chapter 69. Trailer Coaches
Chapter 94. Repair Of Welded Steel Moment Frame Buildings Located In High Earthquake Damaged Areas
Chapter 95. Earthquake Hazard Reduction For Existing Concrete Tilt-Up Buildings
Chapter 96. Earthquake Hazard Reduction For Existing Unreinforced Masonry Bearing Wall Buildings
Chapter 98. Unoccupied Buildings, Structures, And Special Hazards
Chapter 99. Building And Property Rehabilitation
Chapter 26.150. Fire Zones
Appendix J. Grading
§ J101. General
§ J102. Definitions
§ J103. Permits Required
§ J104. Permit Application And Submittals
§ J105. Inspection
§ J106. Excavations
§ J107. Fills
§ J108. Setbacks
§ J109. Drainage And Terracing
§ J110. Slope Planting And Erosion Control
§ J111. National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (Npdes) Compliance
§ J112. Referenced Standards
Appendix A. Legislative History for Ordinance 2225


For any questions, please contact the Department of Public Works, Building and Safety Division, Mr. Ron Takiguchi (626) 458-6365.


* For statutory provisions on the construction of housing, see Health and Saf. Code § 17910 et seq. Ordinance 95-0065 repealed and replaced Title 26. For legislative history prior to Ordinance 95-0065, see Appendix A of Title 26