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Charter Of The County Of Los Angeles
Article I. Name And Rights Of The County
Article II. Board Of Supervisors
Article III. General Powers Of The Board Of Supervisors
Article IV. County Officers Other Than Supervisors
Article V. Township Officers
Article VI. Duties Of Officers
Article VII. Road Department
Article VIII. Constabulary Department
Article IX. Civil Service
Article X. Labor
Article XI. Recall
Article XII. Miscellaneous
Title 1. General Provisions
Title 2. Administration
Title 3. Advisory Commissions And Committees
Title 4. Revenue And Finance
Title 5. Personnel
Title 6. Salaries
Title 7. Business Licenses
Title 8. Consumer Protection And Business Regulations
Title 9. Reserved
Title 10. Animals
Title 11. Health And Safety
Title 12. Environmental Protection
Title 13. Public Peace, Morals And Welfare
Title 14. Reserved
Title 15. Vehicles And Traffic
Title 16. Highways
Title 17. Parks, Beaches And Other Public Areas
Title 18. Reserved
Title 19. Airports And Harbors
Title 20. Utilities
Flood Control District Code
Chapter 1. CODE ADOPTION (Reserved)
Chapter 3. Administrative Code
Chapter 5. Badges
Chapter 7. Employee Relations
Chapter 9. SALARIES (Reserved)
Chapter 10. Social Security Tax Contributions
Chapter 11. Emergency Services
Chapter 13. Relocation Assistance
Chapter 15. Benefit Assessments
Chapter 17. Fees For Miscellaneous Services
Chapter 19. Use Of District Property And Facilities By Members Of The Public
Chapter 21. Stormwater And Runoff Pollution Control
Chapter 23. Enforcement And Remedies For Violations
Title 21. Subdivisions
Title 22. Planning And Zoning
Title 26. Building Code
Title 27. Electrical Code
Title 28. Plumbing Code
Title 29. Mechanical Code
Title 30. Residential Code
Title 31. Green Building Standards Code
Title 32. Fire Code*
LIST. Ordinance List And Disposition Table