Division 3. Departments And Other Administrative Bodies  

Chapter 2.36. Board Of Supervisors
Chapter 2.37. Ombudsman
Chapter 2.38. Department Of Children And Family Services
Chapter 2.39. Child Support Services Department
Chapter 2.40. Department Of Agricultural Commissioner/Weights And Measures
Chapter 2.41. Consumer Protection Registration Certificate
Chapter 2.44. Assessment Appeals Boards
Chapter 2.50. Business License Commission
Chapter 2.52. Treasurer-Tax Collector
Chapter 2.56. Solid Waste Facilities Hearing Board
Chapter 2.58. Community Development Commission
Chapter 2.60. Community Redevelopment Agency
Chapter 2.62. Department Of Consumer Affairs
Chapter 2.68. Emergency Services
Chapter 2.70. Engineering Geology And Soils Review And Appeals Board
Chapter 2.71. Accessibility Appeals Board
Chapter 2.75. Housing Commission
Chapter 2.76. Department Of Health Services
Chapter 2.77. Department Of Public Health
Chapter 2.78. Commission On Human Relations
Chapter 2.80. Human Services Department
Chapter 2.81. Internal Services Department
Chapter 2.82. Sybil Brand Commission For Institutional Inspections
Chapter 2.83. Land Development Management Agency
Chapter 2.84. Law Library
Chapter 2.87. Department Of Mental Health
Chapter 2.88. Department Of Military And Veterans Affairs
Chapter 2.90. Aero Museum
Chapter 2.92. Department Of Museum Of Art
Chapter 2.94. Department Of Museum Of Natural History
Chapter 2.96. Music Center
Chapter 2.98. Otis Art Institute
Chapter 2.100. Probation Department And Juvenile Probation Facilities
Chapter 2.102. Department Of Public Social Services
Chapter 2.106. Department Of Regional Planning
Chapter 2.108. Regional Planning Commission
Chapter 2.110. Relocation Assistance Program
Chapter 2.114. Community And Senior Services
Chapter 2.116. Department Of Beaches And Harbors
Chapter 2.118. Filming Permit Coordination Office
Chapter 2.119. Office Of Chief Information Officer