§ 9402.1. Scope.  

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  • The provisions of this Chapter shall apply to all welded steel moment frame buildings constructed, under construction, or for which a building permit was issued prior to July 1, 1999, the effective date of Ordinance 99-0040, which are:


    Publicly-owned and provide essential response and recovery services to the general public in the event of a disaster or emergency, regardless of their location, or


    Publicly-owned and provide unique and essential public services which ensure that law and order is maintained in the event of a disaster, such as jails, detention facilities, and courthouses, or


    Located within the following earthquake high-damage areas.

(Ord. 2013-0048 § 77, 2013; Ord. 2002-0076 § 139, 2002: Ord. 99-0040 § 73 (part), 1999.)