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  • For the purpose of this Code, certain terms, phrases, words and their derivatives shall be defined as follows:

    BUILDING LINE. For the purpose of this Chapter, a "property line" shall also mean a building line whose boundaries are established by a building line ordinance.

    FACE OF BUILDING. The general outer surface, not including cornices, bay windows or other ornamental trim, of any exterior wall of a building.

    GROUND SIGN. A detached sign erected upon or supported by the ground.

    PROJECTING SIGN. A sign other than a wall sign suspended from or supported by a building or structure and projecting out therefrom.

    ROOF SIGN. A sign erected upon or above a roof or parapet wall of a building or structure.

    SIGN. A display board, screen, structure, object or part thereof, used to announce, declare, demonstrate, display or otherwise advertise and attract the attention of the public.

    WALL SIGN. A sign attached to or erected against the wall of a building or structure, with the exposed face of the sign in a plane approximately parallel to the plane of said wall.

(Ord. 2016-0053 § 58, 2016; Ord. 2013-0048 § 60, 2013; Ord. 99-0040 § 67 (part), 1999.)