§ 110.1.2.  

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  • Portions of the unincorporated territory of the County of Los Angeles subject to severe flood hazard by reason of inundation, overflow, erosion or deposition of debris are established as floodways by Chapter 11.60 of Title 11 of the Los Angeles County Code. Whenever, in such ordinance establishing floodways, reference is made to any floodway, it shall be construed to mean a floodway referred to in this Section. A person shall not perform work for which a building or grading permit is required within the boundaries of an established floodway if such work increases the flood hazard to adjacent properties by either increasing the capital flood water surface elevation, deflecting flows or increasing bank erosion. Such work may be performed within an established floodway, and a building or grading permit therefor may be issued, where provisions are made to the satisfaction of the Building Official to avoid such an increase in the flood hazard.

    (Ord. 95-0065 § 3 (part), 1995.)

    110.2   Geotechnical Hazards.