§ 106.4.2. Plans and Specifications.  

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  • Within each application for a building permit, and when required by the Building Official for enforcement of any provisions of this Code, complete plans and specifications shall be submitted. The Building Official may require plans and specifications to be prepared and designed by an engineer, architect or landscape architect licensed or registered by the state to practice as such. Submittals shall include special inspection and structural observation statements required by Chapter 17.

    EXCEPTION: When authorized by the Building Official, complete plans and specifications need not be submitted for the following when drawings and data sufficient to determine the nature and scope of the work are submitted for review:


    One-story buildings of conventional light-frame construction with a gross floor area not exceeding 600 square feet (55.74 m );


    Small and/or minor work.

    Plans, specifications, reports or documents for work regulated by this Code to which the provisions of Article 3, Chapter 7, Division 3 of the Business and Professions Code applies shall bear the signature and number or seal of a civil engineer, structural engineer or architect, registered or certified to practice in the State of California. A signature or seal shall not be required for work authorized by the said article to be performed by a person not registered or certified as a civil engineer, structural engineer or architect.

    For buildings exceeding 160 feet (48.77 m) in height, the structural calculations and each sheet of structural plans shall be prepared under the supervision of and shall bear the signature or approved stamp of a person authorized by the State of California to use the title structural engineer. In addition, all architectural sheets shall bear the signature or approved stamp of an architect licensed by the State of California.

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