§ 104.2.1. General.  

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  • The Building Official is hereby authorized and directed to enforce all the provisions of this Code, including the Electrical Code, the Plumbing Code, the Mechanical Code, the Residential Code, the Existing Building Code, and the Green Building Standards Code, and to make all inspections pursuant to the provisions of each such Code. For such purposes, the Building Official shall have the powers of a law enforcement officer.

    The Building Official shall have the power to render interpretations of this Code and to adopt and enforce rules and supplemental regulations in order to clarify the application of its provisions. Such interpretations, rules, and regulations shall be in conformance with the intent and purpose of this Code.

    The Building Official shall classify every building or portion thereof into one of the occupancies set forth in Chapter 3 of this Code according to its use or the character of its occupancy.

    The Building Official shall also classify every building into one of the types of construction set forth in Chapter 6 of this Code.

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