Division 3. Departmental Provisions  

Chapter 6.32. Agricultural Commissioner/Weights And Measures
Chapter 6.33. Alternate Public Defender
Chapter 6.34. Department Of Animal Care And Control
Chapter 6.38. Assessor
Chapter 6.40. Auditor-Controller
Chapter 6.42. Department Of Beaches And Harbors
Chapter 6.43. Board Of Education
Chapter 6.44. Department Of The Board Of Supervisors
Chapter 6.50. Department Of The Chief Executive Officer
Chapter 6.51. Chief Information Officer
Chapter 6.52. Department Of Coroner
Chapter 6.53. Department Of Children And Family Services
Chapter 6.55. Child Support Services Department
Chapter 6.58. Department Of Community And Senior Services
Chapter 6.60. Department Of Consumer Affairs
Chapter 6.64. County Counsel
Chapter 6.70. District Attorney
Chapter 6.76. Fire Department
Chapter 6.77. Department Of Public Health
Chapter 6.78. Department Of Health Services
Chapter 6.80. Department Of Human Resources
Chapter 6.81. Internal Services Department
Chapter 6.86. Department Of Mental Health
Chapter 6.88. Department Of Military And Veterans Affairs
Chapter 6.90. Department Of Museum Of Art
Chapter 6.92. Department Of Museum Of Natural History
Chapter 6.94. Department Of Parks And Recreation
Chapter 6.100. Probation Department
Chapter 6.104. Public Defender
Chapter 6.106. Public Library
Chapter 6.108. Department Of Public Social Services
Chapter 6.109. Department Of Public Works
Chapter 6.112. Department Of Regional Planning
Chapter 6.114. Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk
Chapter 6.120. Sheriff
Chapter 6.126. Treasurer And Tax Collector
Chapter 6.127. Los Angeles County Employees Retirement Association