§ 6.28.140. Compensation under memorandum of understanding.  

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  • The compensation of any person assigned to a position in a class within an employee representation unit certified by the employee relations commission shall be as provided in the most recent memorandum of understanding (MOU) for such unit made and entered into between authorized management representatives of the county and the certified employee organization representing such unit and approved by the board of supervisors; provided that:


    If any provision of Title 6 or other title of the County Code relating to such compensation is in conflict with a provision or provisions contained in the MOU, the MOU provision(s) shall control; and


    With respect to any matter relating to the compensation of any such employee which is not addressed in the MOU, the applicable provision(s) of Title 6 or other titles of the County Code shall govern.

(Ord. 91-0043 § 1, 1991.)