§ 6.28.030. Schedule numbers.  

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    When a schedule number appears opposite the title of a class, the rate may be monthly, daily or hourly, depending on which basis a position is compensated.


    When one of the following prefixes is used instead of a schedule number, the positions are compensated on a flat rate, as follows:

    F—Flat rate per month

    FA—Flat rate per annum

    FD—Flat rate per day

    FH—Flat rate per hour

    FS—Flat rate per session

    FV—Flat rate per visit


    The schedule numbers or flat rates of positions in the Departmental Provisions set out in Division 3 of this Title 6 shall be determined by referring to Section 6.28.050.

(Ord. 6222 Ch. 2 Art. 2 § 404, 1953.)