§ 6.28.020. Item Numbers.  

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    Number. Each class of positions established in this Title 6 shall have an item number which identifies the class. Numbers appearing in columns headed "Item No." indicate the respective item number of the classes.


    Letter or Sub Item. A capital letter appearing after an item number in Division 3 of this title, comprising the Departmental Provisions, denotes the basis upon which the position is to be filled and compensated, as follows:

    A Monthly permanent
    B Monthly recurrent
    C Daily as needed
    D Monthly permanent 9/10 time - assigned to 24-hour patient care facility in the Department of Health Services and requiring a California License to practice as a Registered Nurse
    E Daily recurrent
    F Hourly as needed
    G Per visit (2 hours)
    H Hourly recurrent
    J Per session (4 hours)
    K Monthly temporary—CETA participant
    L Paid as a county officer under common law rule that the salary is an incident of the office
    M Monthly temporary training
    N Monthly permanent grant-funded to be terminated upon expiration of grant
    O Monthly temporary
    P Monthly permanent 1/5 time
    Q Monthly permanent 1/4 time
    R Monthly permanent 5/16 time
    S Monthly permanent 1/3 time
    T Monthly permanent 2/5 time
    U Monthly permanent 1/2 time and shared residencies temporary
    V Monthly permanent 3/5 time
    W Monthly permanent 5/8 time
    X Monthly permanent 2/3 time
    Y Monthly permanent 3/4 time
    Z Monthly permanent 4/5 time



    If the item number in the Tables of Classes of Positions (Sections 6.28.050 and 6.28.060) differs from that for the same position in a departmental chapter (as set forth in Division 3 of this title), the item number in the Tables of Classes of Positions shall control.

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