§ 6.26.020. Management appraisal and performance plan and performance-based pay plans.  

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    The rates of compensation set forth in the management appraisal and performance plan tier I and tier II salary structure tables set forth in Section 6.26.040 shall be applied pursuant to the provisions of Part 3 of Chapter 6.08. The rates in each table become effective on the date given in the table.


    Salary ranges for persons compensated under the department of the board of supervisors performance-based pay plan shall be specified in Section 6.44.200.


    Salary ranges for persons compensated under the performance-based pay plan for certain employees of the department of chief administrative officer shall be as specified in Section 6.50.021.

(Ord. 2007-0049 § 24, 2007; Ord. 6222 Ch. 2 Art. 1 § 401, 1953.)