§ 6.20.110. Substitute positions for persons on leave.  

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    The duties of a person on leave of absence, with or without pay, shall be performed with no change in compensation by any competent departmental employee designated by the department head.


    After 30 days, the department head may transfer or appoint any eligible person to a substitute position at an equal or lower level in the same classification or series. Such person shall receive the compensation for the substitute position until the incumbent returns.


    The department head shall report all transfers or appointments to substitute positions as required by the chief administrative officer.


    The department head may waive the 30-day waiting period if he finds that it is impractical or would cause harm or inconvenience to the public, provided that no budgetary overexpenditure will result.


    A substitute position may not be used to perform the duties of a person on accrued overtime leave of absence. It is the intent of this provision that the duties of such a person shall be performed without additional cost to the county.

(Ord. 6222 Ch. 1 Art. 11 § 251, 1953.)