§ 6.20.100. Restoration of salary or earned paid leaves of absence.  

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    In the event an employee is ordered to absent himself from the job based on probable cause, and it is subsequently determined by a finding of both the department or district head and the chief administrative officer that cause did not exist for the ordered absence, the employee shall have restored to him any paid leaves of absence against which such absence may have been charged, and he shall be granted a retroactive leave of absence with pay for the time during which he was prohibited from performing the duties of his position, less any compensation paid to him by the county during such ordered absence.


    In the event an employee is reduced, suspended and/or discharged, and upon appeal the civil service commission or a court having jurisdiction does not sustain such reduction, suspension and/or discharge, the employee shall be entitled to his base rate of salary, vacation and sick leave as if such unsustained reduction, suspension or discharge had not been invoked. However, in no event shall an employee be entitled to any salary or credit for vacation and sick leave for any period of time covered by a suspension which is sustained or for any period of time waived by an employee as a condition to the granting of a continuance of his civil service or judicial hearing.


    If, during an absence for which an employee is paid pursuant to this section, he received any compensation which he would not have received had he continued to perform the duties of his position, such sum shall be deducted from the salary otherwise payable to him pursuant to this section.

(Ord. 6222 Ch. 1 Art. 11 § 245, 1953.)