§ 6.20.060. Continuous Absence Due to Illness or Injury.  

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    Effective October 26, 1979, a person on a continuous absence because of sickness or injury which leave begins in one calendar year and extends into the next calendar year, and who is receiving compensation for part-pay sick leave to which he is entitled for the prior calendar year, shall continue to receive compensation for any remaining such part-pay sick leave in the next calendar year until such part-pay sick leave has been exhausted. Such person shall not be allowed additional part-pay sick leave until after returning to work.


    Effective October 26, 1979, in no case shall a person be compensated for sick leave at part pay in any one calendar year in excess of that number of days of part pay based on his length of service, as set forth in the Table of Part-pay Sick Leave set forth in Section 6.20.040.

(Ord. 2018-0031 § 14, 2018; Ord. 6222 Ch. 1 Art. 11 § 230(6), 1953.)