§ 6.10.140. Bilingual pay.  

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    Conditions. Any person employed on a permanent, full-time position, or, effective January 1, 1992, on a temporary or recurrent position, the salary of which is established in Section 6.28.050, except as noted under subsection E of this section below, may receive additional compensation at the rate of $50.00 per pay period. If the employee is compensated on an hourly basis, the additional compensation shall be at the rate of $.57 per hour. If the employee is compensated on a monthly permanent position other than full-time (Item Subs "D" and "P" through "Z"), the rate shall be in accordance with the item sub fractional amount, as defined in Section 6.28.020. All of the following conditions must be met in order to qualify for such additional compensation:


    His department head finds that the specific assignment of the employee requires a fluency in both English and at least one foreign language, and knowledge of and sensitivity toward the culture and needs of the foreign-language group clientele to which the department is providing service. Such specific assignments must require the fluent use of both languages by the employee on a continuing and frequent basis in order to meet the public service responsibility of the department;


    Both his department head and the chief administrative officer certify that the employee, in fact, possesses and exercises fluency in English and the required foreign language or languages, and possesses and displays a knowledge of and sensitivity toward the culture and needs of the foreign language group involved;


    For the purpose of this section, American Sign Language (AMESLAN) shall be deemed to be a foreign language.


    Effective Date. Such compensation shall be effective for the pay period for which his department head makes the findings required in subsection A above, and in no event shall such compensation be effective before the first day of the employee's assignment to the qualifying position.


    Duration. The findings and certifications required in subsection A will remain in effect only so long as the facts upon which they are based continue to exist and the employee has a performance evaluation of at least "competent."


    Absences. A paid temporary absence of the employee which does not exceed 60 calendar days shall not affect the compensation provided under this section. If the employee is absent for more than 60 calendar days, the additional compensation provided under this section shall be suspended during such absence.


    Exclusions. The additional compensation provided for herein shall not apply to persons employed in positions of Healthcare Interpreter (Item No. 1153), Interpreter (Item No. 1154), Sign Language Specialist (Item No. 1160), Supervising Sign Language Specialist (Item No. 1161), or Child Placement Coordinator (Item No. 9084).


    Not a Base Rate. This additional compensation shall not constitute a base rate.

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