§ 6.10.130. Call-back pay.  

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    Whenever an employee is unexpectedly ordered by his department head to return to duty because of unanticipated work requirements, such return to duty shall be deemed to be a call-back if the order to return is given to the employee following termination of his normal workshift and departure from his work location, and such return occurs within 24 hours of when the order is given but not less than two hours before the established starting time of the employee's next regular shift.


    Compensation for a call-back shall be as follows:

    For FLSA Covered Employees, as defined by Section 6.15.010A, who are authorized for paid overtime, there shall be minimum payment equivalent to four hours' pay at the FLSA overtime rate provided in Section 6.15.070C, unless a different rate of pay is specifically authorized by the board of supervisors.


    Unless specifically authorized by the board of supervisors, an employee who performs multiple call-backs shall not receive compensation for more than one such call if:


    The second call-back or any call-back subsequent to the second call-back occurs within four hours of the initial call-back;


    The affected employee has actually worked less than a total of four hours as a result of such multiple call-backs.

(Ord. 2004-0001 § 40, 2004; Ord. 6222 Ch. 1 Art. 6 § 107, 1953.)