§ 6.10.070. Additional compensation for supervisors.  

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    Conditions. Upon authorization by the chief executive officer, an employee required to supervise other employees as part of his regular duties shall receive compensation at a rate of $1.00 per month more than the base rate, or rate set pursuant to Section 6.10.050 or 6.10.060 of this title, whichever is highest, of his highest-paid subordinate, provided that all the following conditions have been met:


    Both the department head and the chief executive officer find that the supervisor is qualified to exercise, and is in fact satisfactorily exercising, for a substantial portion of his time both administrative and technical supervision over the subordinate;


    The organization is a permanent one approved by the chief executive officer;


    Both the supervisor and subordinate have been appointed to full-time, permanent positions; and


    The classification of both the supervisor and subordinate is appropriate to the organization and to their duties and responsibilities.


    Effective Date. Such compensation shall not be effective before the first day of the month in which the department head notifies the chief administrative officer of his finding required in subdivision A1 above.


    Amount of Compensation. The supervisor's compensation shall be computed on the base rate, or rate set pursuant to Section 6.10.050 or 6.10.060 of this title, whichever is highest, of the highest-paid subordinate listed in the authorization. If the subordinate is for any reason paid at a rate other than the base rate or a Section 6.10.050 rate, or a Section 6.10.060 rate established for his classification, the supervisor's compensation shall be computed as if the subordinate were in fact receiving only such base rate, or Section 6.10.050 rate or Section 6.10.060 rate.


    Adjustment of Amount. The supervisor's additional compensation shall be adjusted without further authorization from the chief administrative officer to reflect any changes in the base rate, Section 6.10.050 rate, or Section 6.10.060 rate, whichever is highest, of the supervisor or the subordinate(s) listed in the authorization in order to maintain the $1.00 differential over the highest-paid subordinate.


    Duration of Authorization. The authorization will remain in effect only as long as the pay inequity exists, and not longer than the end of the current fiscal year.


    Absences. A temporary absence of the supervisor, a subordinate, or both, which does not exceed 60 calendar days shall not affect the compensation provided under this section. If a subordinate is absent for more than 60 calendar days, he shall be deemed to no longer be a subordinate during such absence for the purpose of this section. If a supervisor is absent for more than 60 calendar days, the additional compensation provided under this section shall be suspended during such absence.


    Persons employed as physicians who are compensated in accordance with Part 2 and persons compensated in accordance with Part 3, of Chapter 6.08 of this title are excluded from eligibility under this section.


    For purposes of this Section 6.10.070, full-time permanent includes monthly permanent 9/10 time, Item Sub "D".


    Annual Renewal. The authorization is subject to annual renewal by the chief administrative officer.

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