§ 6.08.220. Salary upon initial appointment.  

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    Management Physicians. Any person appointed to Medical Director I, MD (Item No. 5447) who has less than one year of experience as a physician, exclusive of an internship and residency, shall be placed on Step 3 of the applicable schedule. Any person so appointed who has at least two years' experience as a physician, exclusive of an internship and residency, shall be placed one step higher in the range for each two years of such experience to a maximum of five additional steps.




    Special Step Placement Provisions. At the request of the department head, the chief executive officer may approve the placement of any physician compensated pursuant to this Part 2 at any step of the appropriate schedule of the current Physician P or M Table, except that the rate shall not be lower than that provided in paragraph 1 of subsection B above.


    Manpower Shortage Ranges. A manpower shortage range is an alternative range which is at least one schedule, but not more than six schedules above the salary schedule established for a physician class in this Part 2 and any applicable monthly bonus which is established in this Part 2.


    Determination of Range. When requested by the department head and the chief executive officer finds, after investigation, that a critical manpower shortage exists for certain positions within a physician classification, he may approve the establishment of a manpower shortage range.


    Establishment of Range. The chief executive officer may establish such a manpower shortage range by authorizing the appointment of persons to specific positions within a classification at the specific alternate manpower shortage range designated by the chief executive officer.


    Application of Range. The range may apply to a permanent or temporary position, regardless of whether it is compensated on a monthly, daily or hourly basis. The rate may apply to any type of appointment, such as original, promotion, reinstatement, except an appointment resulting from an involuntary demotion.


    Effect on Filled Positions. A person already employed in a position to which a manpower shortage range applies, whose base rate is less than the established range, shall be advanced to the established range.


    Step Advancement and Promotion. Persons receiving compensation pursuant to this section shall be entitled to step advancement and step placement upon promotion as designated by the chief executive officer.


    Annual Review. At least once annually, the chief executive officer shall review all manpower shortage ranges and may discontinue the authority to appoint persons to a manpower shortage range if he finds that a critical manpower shortage no longer exists and the needs of the county have been met. The current rate of pay of any person already employed shall not be affected by such discontinuation; however, further advancement shall be limited to that fixed by this Part 2 for his position.


    Not a Base Rate. Manpower shortage ranges approved pursuant to this section do not constitute a base rate.

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