§ 6.08.190. Definitions  

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  • A. "Demotion" means a decrease in a P or M schedule or a reduction from the M schedule to the P schedule.

    B. "Experience as a physician" means all physician experience except:

    1. Experience as an intern; and

    2. Experience in a residency necessary as a prerequisite to assignment in a medical specialty.

    C. "Intern" means a physician in the first year of postgraduate medical training.

    D. "Internship" means the first year of postgraduate medical training.

    E. "Management Physician" means any physician classification listed in Section 6.08.210 B.

    F. "Physician" means physicians generally.

    G. "Promotion" means an increase in a P or M schedule or an increase to an M schedule resulting from an appointment from one position to another position. A promotion sets a new step advance anniversary date.

    H. "Residency" means the period of postgraduate specialized medical training subsequent to the internship.

    I. "Resident" means a physician in the second and subsequent years of postgraduate specialized medical training.

    J. "Standby duty" means an off-duty period during which a physician is on-call and:

    1. Available for immediate return to work via contact by telephone or electronic paging device or by such other means as may be approved by the appointing power; or

    2. Away from the physician's regular work site but engaged in a telephone consultation or other actual work as a direct consequence of said on-call status.

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