§ 6.08.081. Consolidation of departments.  

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  • Notwithstanding any other provision of this Title 6, whenever any person in a position paid as a county officer pursuant to Section 6.28.020 ceases to hold such position and is appointed to a position other than one paid as a county officer, due to a departmental consolidation plan approved by the board of supervisors, he shall, upon such appointment, have restored to him those sick leave and vacation benefits to which he had been entitled immediately prior to his appointment as a county officer. Upon termination such person shall be entitled to payment for accrued benefits as provided for other county employees except that if termination is within two years of such appointment, the person shall be paid the benefits provided in Section 6.18.070C as though he were still a county officer, or the benefits provided for under this section, whichever is greater. In addition to salary, "pay" as used in subsection C of Section 6.18.070 shall include amounts equivalent to those amounts described in Sections 5.12.200, 5.26.110, 5.27.040A, 5.27.240A, 5.40.460 and 5.40.465 of this code, any professional development allowance, and such other compensation as may be designated from time to time by the chief administrative officer, so long as such determination is related to the base salary compensation used for retirement benefit purposes.

(Ord. 91-0044 § 8, 1991: Ord. 84-0190 § 1, 1984.)