§ 5.40.490. Incidental expenses—Sheriff's department.  

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  • Persons employed in the classification of lieutenant (Item No. 2719) and designated by the sheriff as a station commander or in the classifications, or unclassified positions of captain (Item No. 2721), assistant sheriff (UC) (Item No. 9969), assistant sheriff, administration (UC) (Item No. 9972), commander (Item No. 2723), division chief, sheriff (UC) (Item No. 9968), and undersheriff (UC) (Item No. 9970) shall receive a flat monthly allowance of $50.00 for necessary expenses incidental to the performance of their duties. Effective July 1, 2015, persons employed in the classifications or unclassified position of director, bureau operations, sheriff (Item No. 0997), assistant division director, sheriff (Item No. 1066), and division director, sheriff (UC) (Item No. 1069) shall also be entitled to receive the aforementioned allowance. The auditor-controller shall adjust the incidental expense allowance each year based upon annual changes in the National Consumer Price Index (CPI) published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the United States Department of Labor. Such adjustment shall be made effective February 1, 1989, based upon the published percentage change in the CPI between December 1987 and December 1988. Subsequent adjustments shall be made effective on February 1st of each year thereafter based upon the published percentage change in the CPI during the preceding calendar year; provided that such change is three percent or greater. If the published percentage change in a calendar year is less than three percent, that percentage change shall be cumulated with the published percentage change in the following calendar year(s) until such time as the cumulative percentage change is three percent or greater, at which time an adjustment shall be made to reflect the total cumulative percentage change. Such adjustments in incidental expense allowances shall be rounded to the nearest dollar.

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