§ 721.0. Location.  

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  • 721.3   Public Sewer.

    If the public sewer does not extend to a point from which each building on a lot or parcel of land large enough to permit future subdivision can be independently served, the property owner shall construct a public sewer as required by Title 20 - Utilities - of the Los Angeles County Code, Division 2 - Sanitary Sewer and Industrial Waste Ordinance, to provide adequate sewerage for each such possible parcel.

    EXCEPTION: When the Authority Having Jurisdiction finds that the character of a lot is such that no further subdivision can be reasonably anticipated, or the use is such as to preclude subdivision, or where the owner has executed a covenant stating that the lot or parcel of land together with all improvements thereon will be maintained as a unit and that before any subdivision is made or any portion of said lot is transferred to another owner, separate sewerage facilities as hereinbefore required in this Section will be installed, the drainage system of all buildings may be connected to a common building sewer or private sewage disposal system. The covenant shall be recorded by the owner in the office of the Department of Registrar-Recorder as part of the conditions of ownership of said property. Such agreement shall be binding on all heirs, successors, and assigns to said property.

    This exception shall apply only while the whole of such lot remains in one undivided ownership. Upon the transfer of any portion of such lot other than the whole thereof to another owner, whether such transfer is made before or after the operative date of the ordinance adding this provision, the exception shall cease and a person shall not use or maintain any building or structure except in compliance with the provisions of this Code. As used in this Section, a sale, foreclosure, or contract to sell by the terms of which the purchaser is given the right of possession shall be deemed a transfer.

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