S-5 - Installation.  

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  • S-5.1   Listed Appliances.

    Except as otherwise provided in this Code, the installation of appliances regulated by this Code shall be in accordance with the conditions of the listing. The appliance installer shall leave the manufacturer's installation and operating instructions attached to the appliance. Clearances of listed appliances from combustible materials shall be as specified in the listing or on the rating plate.

    (Ord. 2016-0055 § 20, 2016.)

    S-5.2   Standards.

    Standards listed or referred to in this Appendix or other provisions of this Code cover materials that will conform to the requirements of this Code, where used in accordance with the limitations prescribed in this Code and their listing. Where a standard covers materials of various grades, weights, quality, or configurations, the portion of the listed standard that is applicable shall be used. Design and materials for special conditions or materials not provided for herein may be permitted as authorized by Section 301.3. A list of accepted material standards is referenced in Table S-17.

(Ord. 2016-0055 § 20, 2016.)