S-14 - Specific Requirements.  

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  • S-14.1   Electrical.

    S-14.1.1   Wiring.

    Electrical connections, wiring, and devices shall be installed in accordance with the NFPA 70. Electrical equipment, appliances, and devices installed in areas that contain flammable vapors or dusts shall be of a type approved for such environment.

    (Ord. 2016-0055 § 20, 2016: Ord. 2013-0050 § 22, 2013.)

    S-14.1.2   Controls.

    Required electrical, mechanical, safety, and operating controls shall be listed or labeled by a listing agency. Electrical controls shall be of such design and construction as to be suitable for installation in the environment in which they are located.

    (Ord. 2013-0050 § 22, 2013.)

    S-14.2   Flow Directions.

    Flow directions shall be permanently affixed on the solar thermal system.

    (Ord. 2016-0055 § 20, 2016: Ord. 2013-0050 § 22, 2013.)

    S-14.3   Attic Installations.

    An attic space in which solar energy system components are installed shall comply with Section 508.4 of this Code.

    (Ord. 2013-0050 § 22, 2013.)

    S-14.4   Connections to Drainage System Required.

    Receptors, drains, appurtenances, and appliances, used to receive or discharge liquid wastes, shall be connected to the drainage system of the building or premises in accordance with the requirements of this Code.

    (Ord. 2013-0050 § 22, 2013.)

    S-14.5   Dry Storage Systems.

    S-14.5.1   Waterproofing.

    The containment structure for dry thermal storage systems shall be constructed in an approved manner to prevent the infiltration of water or moisture.

    (Ord. 2013-0050 § 22, 2013.)

    S-14.5.2   Detecting Water Intrusion.

    The containment structure shall be capable of fully containing spillage or moisture accumulation that occurs. The structure shall have a means, such as a sight glass, to detect spillage or moisture accumulation, and shall be fitted with a drainage device to eliminate spillage.

    (Ord. 2013-0050 § 22, 2013.)

    S-14.5.3   Rock as Storage Material.

    Systems utilizing rock as the thermal storage material shall use clean, washed rock that is free of organic material.

    (Ord. 2013-0050 § 22, 2013.)

    S-14.5.4   Odor and Particulate Control.

    Thermal storage materials and containment structures, including interior protective coating, shall not impart toxic elements, particulate matter, or odor to areas of human occupancy.

(Ord. 2013-0050 § 22, 2013.)