G 7 - Required Area of Subsurface Irrigation  

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  • Each irrigation zone shall have a minimum effective irrigation area for the type of soil and infiltration rate to distribute all graywater produced daily, pursuant to Section G 6, without surfacing. The required irrigation area shall be based on the estimated graywater discharge, pursuant to Section G 6 of this Appendix, size of surge tank, or a method determined by the Administrative Authority. Each proposed graywater system shall include at least two irrigation zones and each irrigation zone shall be in compliance with the provisions of this Section.

    If the mini-leachfield irrigation system is used, the required square footage shall be determined from Table G-2, or equivalent, for the type of soil found in the excavation. The area of the irrigation field shall be equal to the aggregate length of the perforated pipe sections within the irrigation zone times the width of the proposed mini-leachfield trench.

    No irrigation point shall be within 5 vertical feet (1524mm) of the highest known seasonal groundwater level nor where graywater may contaminate the ground water or ocean water. The applicant shall supply evidence of ground water depth to the satisfaction of the Administrative Authority.

(Ord. 95-0069 § 10 (part), 1995.)