G 5 - Inspection and Testing  

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    All applicable provisions of this Appendix and of Section 104 of this code shall be complied with.


    System components shall be properly identified as to manufacturer.


    Surge tanks shall be installed on dry, level, well-compacted soil if in a drywell, or on a level, 3-inch (76mm) concrete slab or equivalent, if above ground.


    Surge tanks shall be anchored against overturning.


    If the irrigation design is predicated on soil tests, the irrigation field shall be installed at the same location and depth as the tested area.


    Installation shall conform with the equipment and installation methods identified in the approved plans.


    Graywater stub-out plumbing may be allowed for future connection prior to the installation of irrigation lines and landscaping. Stub-out shall be permanently marked GRAYWATER STUB-OUT, DANGER—UNSAFE WATER.




    Surge tanks shall be filled with water to the overflow line prior to and during inspection. All seams and joints shall be left exposed and the tank shall remain watertight.


    A flow test shall be performed through the system to the point of graywater irrigation. All lines and components shall be watertight.

(Ord. 95-0069 § 10 (part), 1995.)