G 4 - Drawings and Specifications  

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  • The Administrative Authority may require any or all of the following information to be included with or in the plot plan before a permit is issued for a graywater system:


    Plot plan drawn to scale completely dimensioned, showing lot lines and structures, direction and approximate slope of surface, location of all present or proposed retaining walls, drainage channels, water supply lines, wells, paved areas and structures on the plot, number of bedrooms and plumbing fixtures in each structure, location of private sewage disposal system and 100 percent expansion area or building sewer connecting to public sewer, and location of the proposed graywater system.


    Details of construction necessary to ensure compliance with the requirements of this Appendix together with a full description of the complete installation, including installation methods, construction and materials as required by the Administrative Authority.


    A log of soil formations and ground water level as determined by test holes dug in close proximity to any proposed irrigation area, together with a statement of water absorption characteristics of the soil at the proposed site as determined by approved percolation tests. In lieu of percolation tests, the Administrative Authority may allow the use of Table G-2, an infiltration rate designated by the Administrative Authority, or an infiltration rate determined by a test approved by the Administrative Authority.

(Ord. 95-0069 § 10 (part), 1995.)