G 1 - Graywater Systems (General)  

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    The provisions of this Appendix shall apply to the construction, alteration and repair of graywater systems for subsurface landscape irrigation. Installations shall be allowed only in single-family dwellings. The system shall have no connection to any potable water system and shall not result in any surfacing of the graywater. Except as otherwise provided for in this Appendix, the provisions of the Uniform Plumbing Code (U.P.C.) shall be applicable to graywater installations.


    The type of system shall be determined on the basis of location, soil type and ground water level and shall be designed to accept all graywater connected to the system from the residential building. The system shall discharge into subsurface irrigation fields and may include surge tank(s) and appurtenances, as required by the Administrative Authority.


    No graywater system, or part thereof, shall be located on any lot other than the lot which is the site of the building or structure which discharges the graywater; nor shall any graywater system or part thereof be located at any point having less than the minimum distances indicated in Table G-1.


    No permit for any graywater system shall be issued until a plot plan with appropriate data satisfactory to the Administrative Authority has been submitted and approved. When there is insufficient lot area or inappropriate soil conditions for adequate absorption of the graywater, as determined by the Administrative Authority, no graywater system shall be permitted.


    No permit shall be issued for a graywater system which would adversely impact a geologically sensitive area, as determined by the Administrative Authority.


    Private sewage disposal systems existing or to be constructed on the premises shall comply with Appendix I of this Code or the applicable local ordinance. When abandoning underground tanks, Section 722 of this code shall apply. Also, appropriate clearances from graywater systems shall be maintained as provided in Table G-1. The capacity of the private sewage disposal system, including required future areas, shall not be decreased by the existence or proposed installation of a graywater system servicing the premises.


    Installers of graywater systems shall provide an operation and maintenance manual, acceptable to the Administrative Authority, to the owner of each system. Graywater systems require regular or periodic maintenance.


    The Administrative Authority shall provide the applicant a copy of this Appendix.

(Ord. 95-0069 § 10 (part), 1995.)