G 10 - Valves and Piping (Figures 1, 2, 3 and 4)  

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  • Graywater piping discharging into a surge tank or having a direct connection to a sanitary drain or sewer piping shall be downstream of an approved waterseal-type trap(s). If no such trap(s) exists, an approved vented running trap shall be installed upstream of the connection to protect the building from any possible waste or sewer gases. All graywater piping shall be marked or shall have a continuous tape marked with the words DANGER—UNSAFE WATER. All valves, including the three-way valve, shall be readily accessible and shall be approved by the Administrative Authority. A backwater valve, installed pursuant to this Code, shall be provided on all surge tank drain connections to the sanitary drain or sewer piping.

(Ord. 95-0069 § 10 (part), 1995.)