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  • M 1 Swimming pool waste water shall be disposed of as hereinafter set forth in this Section and the type of disposal proposed shall be approved by the Authority Having Jurisdiction prior to the commencement of any work. A means of disposal of the total contents of the pool (periodic emptying) without surface runoff shall be established to the satisfaction of the Authority Having Jurisdiction.

    (Ord. 2007-0110 § 7 (part), 2007: Ord. 99-0042 § 38 (part), 1999.)

    M 2 The following are legal methods of swimming pool waste water disposal.


    To a public sewer.


    On the property if the property is large enough to ensure that runoff will not encroach on abutting property.


    To a tank truck.


    In the case where none of the above can be accomplished, alternate methods of disposal acceptable to the State Regional Water Quality Control Board (SRWQCB) may be used. Prior to discharge, the swimming pool water must be tested by the owner to insure that it is within all water quality standards established by the SRWQCB. Contact Department of Public Works, Environmental Programs Division for information.

    (Ord. 99-0042 § 38 (part), 1999.)

    M 3 No direct connection shall be made between any storm drain, sewer, drainage system, drywell or subsoil irrigation line and any line connected to a swimming pool.

    (Ord. 99-0042 § 38 (part), 1999.)

    M 4 Waste water from any filter, scum gutter overflow, pool emptying line or similar apparatus or appurtenance when discharging to any part of a drainage system, shall be provided with a three (3) inch (76.2 mm) trap.

    (Ord. 99-0042 § 38 (part), 1999.)

    M 5 Except as provided in Section M-6, the discharge outlet terminal from any pool or filter shall be protected from backflow by an air gap at least six (6) inches (152.4 mm) above the flood rim of the receptor.

    (Ord. 99-0042 § 38 (part), 1999.)

    M 6 No scum gutter drain, overflow drain, backwash discharge drain, or pool emptying line shall enter any receptor below the rim unless the pool piping at its deepest point, the bottom of the filters, and the bottom of the scum gutter drain trough or overflow inlets are at least six (6) inches (152.4 mm) above the overflow rim of the receptor.

    (Ord. 99-0042 § 38 (part), 1999.)

    M 7 A positive point of potable water supply to each swimming pool shall be established and shall be installed as required by Chapter 6 of this Code.

    (Ord. 99-0042 § 38 (part), 1999.)

    M 8 Plans for other than private swimming pools shall be approved by the Health Officer before any water supply or waste discharge permit is issued.

    Note: The forgoing applies only to outdoor swimming, bathing, or wading pools. Plans and specifications for all indoor installations shall be submitted to the Authority Having Jurisdiction for approval prior to the commencement of any work, and all piping, equipment and construction shall be equal to the types prescribed in the Installation Requirements of this Code for indoor work.

    (Ord. 2007-0110 § 7 (part), 2007: Ord. 99-0042 § 38 (part), 1999.)

    M 9 All new swimming pools constructed or installed in Fire Zone 4 or in a Very High Fire Hazard Severity Zone and having a capacity of 5000 gallons or more shall have a minimum four (4) inch diameter drain and discharge line connected to a draft hydrant, the type, location, and installation of which shall be approved by the chief of the fire department. Materials used for the discharge line shall be as approved in this Code for potable water systems except that brass, cast iron, galvanized wrought iron, and copper shall not be used. If PVC is used, it shall be a minimum of Schedule 40.

    EXCEPTION: Swimming pools constructed or installed with the bottom of the pool more than 15 feet below the proposed draft hydrant connection elevation, measured vertically, need not be provided with a draft hydrant system.

    To identify that pool draft system, an appropriate sign (as designated by the fire department) including the location of the swimming pool shall be posted on the pool safety fence and/or at the draft hydrant location.

    (Ord. 99-0042 § 38 (part), 1999.)

    Appendix S is added to Title 28 of the Los Angeles County Code to read as follows: