Title 28. Plumbing Code  

Chapter 1. Administration
Chapter 3. General Regulations
Chapter 6. Water Supply And Distribution
Chapter 7. Sanitary Drainage
Appendix G. Graywater Systems For Single-Family Dwellings
G 1 Graywater Systems (General)
G 2 Definitions
G 3 Permit
G 4 Drawings and Specifications
G 5 Inspection and Testing
G 6 Procedure for Estimating Graywater Discharge
G 7 Required Area of Subsurface Irrigation
G 8 Determination of Irrigation Capacity
G 9 Surge Tank Constructions (Figures 1, 2, 3 and 4)
G 10 Valves and Piping (Figures 1, 2, 3 and 4)
G 11 Irrigation Field Construction
G 12 Special Provisions
G 13 Health and Safety
Appendix H.
H 3.1 General
Appendix J. Reclaimed Water Systems For Non-Residential Buildings
Appendix K. Private Sewage Disposal Systems
K1 Private Sewage Disposal—General
K3 Area of Disposal Fields and Seepage Pits
K4 Percolation Test
K6 Disposal Fields
K7 Seepage Pits
K9 Reserved
K10 Inspection and Testing
K11 Abandoned Sewers and Seepage Disposal Facilities
Appendix M. Swimming Pools
Appendix S. Solar Energy Systems
S-1 General
S-2 Definitions
S-3 Permits Required
S-4 Plans and Specifications
S-5 Inspection and Testing
S-6 Location
S-7 Abandonment
S-8 Tanks
S-9 Solar Collectors
S-10 Hazardous Heat Transfer Medium for Solar Thermal Systems
S-11 Heat Exchangers
S-12 Valves
S-13 Piping and Cross-connection Control For Solar Thermal Systems
S-14 Specific Requirements
S-15 Solar Thermal Systems for Swimming Pool
S-17 Referenced Standards
Appendix 1. Legislative History for Ordinance 2269


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* Statutory provisions on the construction of housing, see Health and Safety Code § 17910 et seq.; for provisions on the adoption of codes by reference, see Gov. Code §§ 50022.1—50022.8 and 50022.10. Ordinance 95-0068 repealed and replaced Title 28. For legislative history prior to Ordinance 95-0068, see Appendix 1 of Title 28