§ 80-6. Public Utilities Exempted  

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  • The provisions of this Code shall not apply to any electrical work performed by or for any electrical corporation, telephone corporation, telegraph corporation, railroad corporation or street railroad corporation on or with any electrical equipment owned or controlled and operated, or used by and for the exclusive benefit of, such corporation in the conduct of its business as a public utility, or to any other work which any such corporation may be entitled by law to perform without payment of any local tax; but all provisions of this Code shall apply insofar as they may consistently with the above be applicable to all other electrical work performed by or for any such corporation.

    The terms "electrical corporation," "telephone corporation," "telegraph corporation," "railroad corporation," and "street railroad corporation" are herein used as said terms are respectively defined in the Public Utility Code of the State of California; and such terms shall also be deemed to include similar utilities which are municipally or governmentally owned and operated.