§ 80-11. Definitions

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  • For the purpose of this Code, certain terms, phrases, words and their derivatives shall be construed as set out in this Section. Words used in the singular include the plural and the plural the singular.

    Electric or Electrical Wiring means the installation or the alteration of any material, fixture, device, appliance or equipment in or on any building, structure or premises, used or designed or intended to be used to generate, transmit, transform or utilize electric energy.

    Hotel is any building containing six or more rooms intended or designed to be used, or which are used, rented or hired out to be occupied, or which are occupied for sleeping purposes by guests.

    Maintenance Electrician is an electrician regularly employed and registered in accordance with the provisions of this Code.

    Person is an individual human being, a firm, partnership or corporation, his or their heirs, executors, administrators, assigns, officers or agents, the County of Los Angeles, and any local agency as defined in Section 53090 of the Government Code, or officer thereof.

    Special Permission is the written consent of the Chief Electrical Inspector.

    Tenant Improvement (Electrical) means electrical work altering or adding to the wiring system of a tenant space.

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