Title 27. Electrical Code  

Article 80. General Provisions
Article 81. Duties Of Chief Electrical Inspector
Article 82. Permits And Inspection
Article 83. Requirements For Installation—Methods And Materials
Article 84. Violations And Penalties
Article 89. Application Of State Agency Amendments
Article 690. Solar Photovoltaic Systems
Appendix A. Legislative History for Ordinance 11096


For any questions, please contact the Department of Public Works, Building and Safety Division, Mr. Ron Takiguchi (626) 458-6365.


* For statutory provisions on the construction of housing, see Health and Saf. Code § 17910 et seq.; for provisions on the adoption of codes by reference see Gov. Code §§ 50022.1 - 50022.8 and 50022.10.

For administrative provisions on the public works department, see Ch. 2.18 of this code.

Legislative history notes have been added to individual sections. For tables showing legislative history prior to Ordinance 12377, see Appendix A of Title 27

The text of Section 1 of Ordinance 11096, as amended, is set out at Section 80-1.5