§ 2308.6.9. Attachment of sheathing.

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  • Fastening of braced wall panel sheathing shall not be less than that prescribed in Tables 2308.6.1 or 2304.10.1. Wall sheathing shall not be attached to framing members by adhesives. Staple fasteners in Table 2304.10.1 shall not be used to resist or transfer seismic forces in structures assigned to Seismic Design Category D, E, or F.

    Exception: Staples may be used to resist or transfer seismic forces when the allowable shear values are substantiated by cyclic testing and approved by the Building Official.

    All braced wall panels shall extend to the roof sheathing and shall be attached to parallel roof rafters or blocking above with framing clips (18 gauge minimum) spaced at maximum 24 inches (6096 mm) on center with four 8d nails per leg (total eight 8d nails per clip). Braced wall panels shall be laterally braced at each top corner and at maximum 24 inch (6096 mm) intervals along the top plate of discontinuous vertical framing.

(Ord. 2016-0053 § 57, 2016.)