§ 1613.8.8. Primary and secondary anchorage and diaphragm strut design.  

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  • Primary and secondary anchors and diaphragm struts shall be designed in accordance with the following provisions:


    Fasteners. All bolted fasteners used to develop connections to wood members shall be provided with square plate washers at all bolt heads and nuts. Washers shall be minimum 0.229 inch by 3 inches by 3 inches (5.82 mm by 76 mm by 76 mm) in size. Nuts shall be tightened to finger tight plus one half (1/2) wrench turn prior to covering the framing.


    Fastening. The diaphragm to foundation anchorage shall not be accomplished by the use of toenailing, nails subject to withdrawal, or wood in cross-grain bending or cross-grain tension.


    Size of Wood Members. Wood diaphragm struts, collectors, and other wood members connected to primary anchors shall not be less than three-inch (76 mm) nominal width. The effects of eccentricity on wood members shall be evaluated as required per Item 9.


    Design. Primary and secondary anchorage, including diaphragm struts, splices, and collectors shall be designed for 125 percent of the tributary force.


    Allowable Stress Increase. The one-third allowable stress increase permitted under Section 1605.3.2 shall not be taken when the working (allowable) stress design method is used.


    Steel Element of Structural Wall Anchorage System. The strength design forces for steel elements of the structural wall anchorage system, with the exception of anchor bolts and reinforcing steel, shall be increased by 1.4 times the forces otherwise required.


    Primary Anchors. The load path for primary anchors and diaphragm struts shall be fully developed into the diaphragm and into the foundation. The foundation must be shown to be adequate to resist the concentrated loads from the primary anchors.


    Secondary Anchors. The load path for secondary anchors and diaphragm struts shall be fully developed in the diaphragm but need not be developed beyond the connection to the foundation.


    Symmetry. All lateral force foundation anchorage and diaphragm strut connections shall be symmetrical. Eccentric connections may be permitted when demonstrated by calculation or tests that all components of force have been provided for in the structural analysis or tests.


    Wood Ledgers. Wood ledgers shall not be used to resist cross-grain bending or cross-grain tension.

    (Ord. 2016-0053 § 23, 2016.)

    1613.8.9   Lateral-force-resisting elements normal to the downhill direction.