§ 1613.8.5.4. Limitations.  

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  • The following lateral-force-resisting elements shall not be designed to resist seismic forces below the base level diaphragm in the downhill direction:


    Wood structural panel wall sheathing;


    Cement plaster and lath;


    Gypsum wallboard; and


    Tension-only braced frames.

    Braced frames designed in accordance with the requirements of Section 2205.2.2 may be used to transfer forces from the primary anchors and diaphragm struts to the foundation provided lateral forces do not induce flexural stresses in any member of the frame or in the diaphragm struts. Deflections of frames shall account for the variation in slope of diagonal members when the frame is not rectangular.

    (Ord. 2016-0053 § 23, 2016.)

    1613.8.6   Base shear resistance-secondary anchors.