§ 1613.8.10.2. Protection against decay and termites.  

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  • All wood to earth separation shall comply with the following:


    Where a footing or grade beam extends across a descending slope, the stem wall, grade beam, or footing shall extend up to a minimum 18 inches (457 mm) above the highest adjacent grade.

    Exception: At paved garage and doorway entrances to the building, the stem wall need only extend to the finished concrete slab, provided the wood framing is protected with a moisture proof barrier.


    Wood ledgers supporting a vertical load of more than 100 pounds per lineal foot (1.46 kN/m) and located within 48 inches (1219 mm) of adjacent grade are prohibited. Galvanized steel ledgers and anchor bolts, with or without wood nailers, or treated or decay resistant sill plates supported on a concrete or masonry seat, may be used.

(Ord. 2016-0053 § 23, 2016.)