§ 1613.7.4. ASCE 7, Section  

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  • Modify ASCE 7, Section, to read as follows: Maximum S DS Value in Determination of C s and E v .

    The value of C s and E v are permitted to be calculated using a value of S DS equal to 1.0 but not less than 70% of S DS as defined in Section 11.4.4, provided that all of the following criteria are met:


    The structure does not have irregularities, as defined in Section 12.3.2;


    The structure does not exceed five stories above the lower of the base or grade plane as defined in Section 11.2, and, where present, each mezzanine level shall be considered a story for the purpose of this limit;


    The structure has a fundamental period, T, that does not exceed 0.5 seconds, as determined using Section 12.8.2;


    The structure meets the requirements necessary for the redundancy factor, ρ, to be permitted to be taken as 1.0, in accordance with Section;


    The site soil properties are not classified as Site Classes E or F, as defined in Section 11.4.2; and


    The structure is classified as Risk Category I or II, as defined in Section 1.5.1.

    (Ord. 2016-0053 § 22, 2016.)

    1613.8   Seismic design provisions for hillside buildings.