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  • If, in the opinion of the Building Official, a building is found to be substandard as defined in this Chapter, the Building Official shall give to the party concerned written notice stating the defects thereof.

    The notice may require the owner or person in charge of the building or premises to complete the required repairs, improvements, demolition, or removal of the building or portions thereof within 30 days, or such other time limit as the Building Official may stipulate. Such notice may also require the building, or portion thereof, to be vacated if found to be unsafe in accordance with Section 102 of Chapter 1, and not reoccupied until the required repairs and improvements are completed, inspected, and approved by the Building Official. A person notified to vacate a substandard building by the Building Official shall vacate within the time specified in the order.

    EXCEPTION: Whenever any building or structure or portion thereof constitutes an immediate hazard to life or property, and in the opinion of the Building Official the conditions are such that repairs or demolition or other work necessary to abate the hazard must be undertaken sooner than provided by the procedures set forth in this Chapter, the Building Official may make such alterations or repairs, or cause such other work to be done to the extent necessary to abate the hazard or demolish the building or structure or portions thereof as are necessary to protect life or property, or both, after giving such notice to the parties concerned as the circumstances will permit or without any notice whatever, when, in the Building Official's opinion, immediate action is necessary.

(Ord. 2010-0053 § 91, 2010; Ord. 99-0040 § 77 (part), 1999.)