§ 9404.2. Contents of Order.  

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  • The Inspection and Repair Compliance Order shall be in writing and shall be served either personally or by registered mail, postage prepaid, upon the owner of the building as shown on the last equalized assessment. In the event that contact is not made with the owner after a diligent effort by the building official, as a last resort, the Inspection and Repair Compliance Order shall be served by posting on the building. The order shall specify that the building appears to be a welded steel moment frame building within the scope of item 1 or 2 of Section 9402.1 or the geographical areas as set forth in Section 9402.2 and, therefore, is required to meet the minimum structural standards and time limits of Section 9405 and Table 94-A of this Chapter. The order shall also specify the time limits for appeal of and compliance with the order.

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