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  • 6807.1   General.

    The design of small residential rooftop solar energy systems shall comply with this Section to qualify for expedited permit issuance.

    6807.2   Height Limit.

    The solar panel or module array shall not exceed the maximum legal building height as defined in the Los Angeles County Planning and Zoning Code, Building Code, and Residential Code, or other applicable legal authority, based on the most restrictive provision.

    6807.3   Solar Permitting Guidebook.

    The submitted plans must comply with Building Code Manual 6807, Article 1, including its checklist and standard plans as developed in substantial conformance with the California Solar Permitting Guidebook adopted by the Governor's Office of Planning and Research and as adopted by the Building Official.

    6807.4   Minimum Photovoltaic System Standards.

    The photovoltaic system shall be identified and listed for the application as referenced in the Electrical Code.

    6807.5   Minimum Solar Thermal System Standards.

    The solar thermal systems shall be certified by Solar Rating and Certification Corporation or other approved listing agencies as specified in the Plumbing Code.

    6807.6   Compliance With Laws.

    The solar energy system shall also comply with all other applicable Los Angeles County Codes and California health and safety laws.

(Ord. 2015-0034, § 1, 2015.)