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  • For the purpose of this Chapter, certain terms are defined as follows:

    CYLINDER GUARD is a protective metal device of hardened steel or with a hardened steel insert that covers or surrounds the exposed portion of the lock cylinder for the purpose of protecting the cylinder from wrenching, prying, cutting, driving through, or pulling out by attack tools.

    DEADBOLT is a bolt which has no automatic spring action and which is operated by a key cylinder, thumbturn or lever, and is positively held fast when in the projected position.

    DEADLOCKING LATCH is a latch in which the latch bolt is positively held in the projected position by a guard bolt, plunger or auxiliary mechanism.

    LATCH is a device for automatically retaining the door in a closed position upon its closing.

(Ord. 99-0040 § 69 (part), 1999.)