§ 6502.6. Materials.  

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  • Signs and their supports may be constructed of any material allowed in this Code, unless otherwise specified in this Chapter for the classification and location of sign to be erected.

    Glass used in signs shall be of the size, thickness and type given in Table 65-1 of this Chapter and shall comply with the requirements of Chapter 24.


    Notwithstanding any other provisions of this Code, plastics which burn at a rate no faster than 2.5 inches per minute (64 mm/s) when tested in accordance with ASTM D 635 shall be deemed approved plastics and may be used as the display surface material and for the letters, decorations and facing on signs and outdoor display structures.

    The following signs shall comply with this Chapter and as noted:


    Warning signs regarding hazardous materials shall comply with Section 415.


    Address identification signs shall comply with Section 501.2.


    Fire Protection System signs shall comply with Chapter 9.


    Light-transmitting plastic interior signs shall comply with Section 2611.


    Public toilet facility signs shall comply with Chapter 11A or 11B.


    Signage for elevators shall comply with Chapter 30 and Chapter 11A or 11B, when applicable.

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