§ 110.4. Methane Gas Hazards.  

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  • Permits shall not be issued for new buildings or enclosed structures regulated by this Code on, adjacent to, or within 300 feet (91.44 m) of active, abandoned or idle oil or gas well(s) unless designed according to recommendations contained in a report prepared by a registered design professional, such as a licensed civil engineer and/or a licensed petroleum engineer, to evaluate whether such wells are being properly operated or maintained, or are abandoned. No permits shall be issued until documentation of proper operation, maintenance, or abandonment or reabandonment is submitted to and approved by the Building Official.



    When approved by the Building Official, mitigation of methane gas hazards shall not be required for additions or alterations to existing buildings or structures located no closer than 200 feet (60.96 m) to active, abandoned or idle oil or gas well(s).


    Grading permits may be issued when the proposed work is necessary to mitigate the methane gas hazard.

    As used in this Section, "well" shall mean any well as defined by Section 3008, Subdivisions (a), (b), and (c) of the California Public Resources Code.

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