§ 110.3. Fills Containing Decomposable Material.  

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  • Permits shall not be issued for buildings or structures regulated by this Code within (1,000) feet (304.8 m) of fills containing rubbish or other decomposable material unless the fill is isolated by approved natural or artificial protective systems or unless designed according to the recommendation contained in a report prepared by a licensed civil engineer. Such report shall contain a description of the investigation, study and recommendation to minimize the possible intrusion, and to prevent the accumulation of explosive concentrations of decomposition gases within or under enclosed portions of such building or structure. At the time of the final inspection, the civil engineer shall furnish a signed statement attesting that the building or structure has been constructed in accordance with the civil engineer's recommendations as to decomposition gases required herein.

    EXCEPTION: When approved by the Building Official, mitigation of decomposition gases shall not be required for additions to single family dwellings not exceeding 400 square feet in gross floor area and/or alterations to single family dwellings.

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