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  • When the proposed work involves the replacement of structures destroyed by causes other than landslide, settlement, or slippage, and the permit applicant was the owner of the property at the time of the loss, their immediate heir(s), or their authorized representative, and the application for a permit under this Section is filed no later than ten (10) years following the date of the loss.

    The replacement structure(s) shall not exceed the area, number of stories, load, or number of fixtures and bedrooms of the structure that was destroyed. No change in occupancy type shall be permitted. Before a permit may be issued pursuant to this Section, the owner shall do all of the following:


    Demonstrate, to the satisfaction of the Building Official, that the replacement structure and/or the associated private sewage disposal system (if any) and/or the replacement landscaping (if any) will not result in a greater amount of groundwater infiltration than occurred under the original condition.


    Submit an engineering geology and/or soils engineering report or reports that contain, at a minimum, a qualitative and/or conditional finding that the proposed work complies with the provisions of Section 110.2.1 of this Code and that contain recommendations for enhancing the stability of the site.


    Record in the office of the Department of Registrar-Recorder a statement by the owner acknowledging that the owner is aware that the records of the Building Official indicate that the property is potentially subject to a hazard from landslide, settlement, or slippage.


    Record in the office of the Department of Registrar-Recorder an agreement relieving the County and all officers and employees thereof of any liability for any damage or loss which may result from issuance of such a permit. This agreement shall provide that it is binding on all successors in interest of the owner and shall continue in effect until the Building Official records in the office of the Department of Registrar-Recorder a statement that the Building Official has determined that such hazard from landslide, settlement, or slippage no longer exists.

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